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Marketing Content writing Tips

One of the hardest parts of content marketing is starting, and them, the next hard thing is continuing writing content often. So my recommendation is to start small and grow from there. If you look for information in Google or any other search engine you'll realize...

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Tips to Position in Google

For all the conferences, trainings and webinars that I've been, I loved this recommendation, The speaker said, " Find out what is it that Google bot likes? Feed it instead of trying to beat it. This really came to me as a shock because I was doing quiet the opposite,...

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What’s a KeyWord?

  A keyword is one of the most important factors in SEO. It is basically a Word or Word phrases related directly with Our Web page. It’ll describe what the page is about according to what you’ve set as your marketing strategies. But when we are talking about SEO...

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Define Your Target Audience

This single Mistake by itself will make you lose a Bunch of money when launching an Online Marketing Campaign, so keep reading an find out which mistake I’m referring to. When it Comes to Online Marketing Campaigns you should follow a plan, A series of Steps that will...

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Steps to Build a Marketing Plan

Is your Marketing Plan Ready to go? If not , Here I leave you in my Opinion, The 10 Most Important Steps to Build an Online Marketing Plan. STEP 1  Define your Business (not the products). This is the first and very important step, even though it doesn’t seen like it....

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Online Traffic Strategy

At some point everybody’s been a Newbie in Online Marketing, and before Us, there s been a group of people trying things, making mistakes and investing money to see what really works and what  doesn’t. So in this short Blog I’m going to tell you How Can I Newbie...

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Market Segmentation

I was very grateful to hear about this. Market Segmentation is basically to divide de market and form groups with similar tendencies, so nowadays segmentation is not only about age and gender it is a lot more than that and is a “MUST” for Online marketers to Know and...

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Who is your right audience?

I have to admit that starting as an Online Marketer a few years ago was hard,  doing exactly what I needed to do to push people away…there was a list , something like..”What not to do When Doing Online Marketing”  and I was following every step without realizing. Some...

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Are online Courses the best option?

If you write Online course on the search engine you will find 1630 millions results. Which means is a very popular word.  Meaning nowadays most people sign in for Online Courses, for many reasons, time, money, location, etc. And If you look back as the way people have...

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